7 November 2016

New L-3 Narda and COMINT Consulting joint application note

A new joint application note, outlining the SIGINT possibilities of the L-3 Narda series of NRA wideband SDR receivers (NRA-2500, NRA-3000, NRA-6000) used in conjunction with the Krypto500 and Krypto1000 SIGINT software suites.


This powerful combination offers the possibility of many channels of SIGINT processing, analysis, classification, decoding and fingerprinting across the impressive, very-wide coverage of the Narda NRA series SDRs.



To access the new application note immediately, please click here:


To learn more about the Narda NRA series receivers, please click on the L-3 Narda logo below:



To read more about Krypto500, Krypto1000, review datasheets or other materials, please click on the below link to be take to the COMINT Consulting Resources web page:


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