12 September 2016

No channel nor bandwidth limits with Krypto1000

Krypto1000 was designed to handle an unlimited number of channels on one minimal PC. Its advanced, multi-threading architecture allows it to interface with numerous inputs from leading SDRs, receivers and file formats as well as live I&Q streams.


Each new open channel – analysis, decoders, parsers, classifiers, fingerprinters – or any combination thereof.  Decoders can be open allowing operators to listen to voice, automatically trigger recording, or be processing any number of modems decodable in Krypto1000 – telemetry modems, TMR, PMR, LMR, DMR, dPMR, TETRA – or any combination thereof.



With the advent of multi-core CPUs and Operating Systems (OS) and Virtual Machines (VM), these totals have increased substantially. Users can now effortlessly run more and manage more with multiple desktops.


Download a PDF white paper describing Krypto100’s multichannel capabilities here:


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