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Deep parsing for bit stream analysis in Krypto500 and Krypto1000

Both the Krypto500 (HF) and Krypto1000 (VHF-UHF) software suites for COMINT and SIGINT applications contain numerous tools to maximize content extraction. These tools are certainly lesser-known than our market-leading collection of decoders (220+ more than any other software and more to come!)

Each suite also contains complete subsystems for control of hardware, manual or automated collection of SIGINT / COMINT targets, precision classification of signals, standard analysis tools for extracting parameters, nodal network analysis and RadioID (fingerprinting in Krypto500).

Less well-known are the extensive bit stream (bitview or bitviewer) analysis tools. From multiple types of Autocorrelation analysis (Sequency Power, Dyadic-Walsh and more), there are bit rasters (bitview) for viewing external ACF (frequency ACF) and internal ACB (bit-wise ACF). These tools can precisely identify modems, certain traffic types and even cryptography in use.

Lastly, there are numerous parsers to actively analyze a bit stream (bitview or bitviewer). Parsers are always-available in every decoder module and multiple parsers may be run in parallel with no limitations (like having a dozen analysts working on the same problem!).

The parsers can identify specific target modems, target traffic, cryptographic systems as well as data and networking protocols - importantly, we process both standards - AND - proprietary and target-specific variants.

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