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Are you producing enough intelligence from SIGINT / COMINT?

It's a fundamental question, but few ask themselves.

COMINT should be providing your civilian and military decision makers with 75% or more of the intelligence reporting they are informed with every day. If that's not the case, consider your COMINT / SIGINT software.

Is your software full of incomplete decoders, lacking waveforms or parsers to extract intelligence from the target modem?

Is it full of obsolete (off air) modes?

Is it full of incomplete decoders or decoders that are completely irrelevant to SIGINT or its core purpose of producing intelligence?

- Those of our 'competition' are!

Not only do we have nearly three hundred (300!) more decoders, thousands more classifiers and other advanced analytic tools found in no other software, our decoders are always current, relevant to SIGINT and complete, containing all known waveforms and variations for you to be able to decode and produce MAXIMUM INTELLIGENCE

If you are using anything except our software, you have obsolete, incomplete and irrelevant software - as much as 40-60% of it is useless!

Get serious about your SIGINT - COMINT effort. Click our logo below to contact us:


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