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Decryption Breakthrough

In a breakthrough for tactical and strategic SIGINT / COMINT systems (signals and communications intelligence), COMINT Consulting has announced their new Krypto KeyFinder, which allows decryption of ARC4 encrypted DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) to occur on any PC or PCs.

Standard COMINT systems do not have such a capability, and instead depend on decryption being conducted at rearward processing or analytic centers, or even at HQ for analysis and processing on specialized gear - and in non-real-time fashion.

COMINT Consulting has completely changed this paradigm and brought with it a HUGE tactical intelligence advantage:

Any user of Krypto1000 can now use KeyFinder for processing on any PC, or even distributed among several PCs in a network, no matter where they are.

KeyFinder was build with future expansion in mind, and more solutions will be added as part of the company's relentless drive to bring more tools to bear on the world's intelligence problems.

COMINT Consulting is an advanced analytics company that produces several software suites for Allied COMINT / SIGINT. Its software is compatible with more than 400 systems / hardware - from clandestine, unmanned, unattended systems to manpacks, ships, submarines, aircraft and UAV/UAS, UUV and USV systems. The company's Krypto500 SIGINT suite for HF and Krypto1000 suite for VHF/UHF are in use in some 70 allied countries and contain hundreds of decoders more than their closest 'competitor'.

A copy of the press release is here.


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