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Extensive and deep SIGINT - COMINT content extraction

The demodulator - decoder - parser chains in Krypto500 and Krypto1000 are unrivalled in their ability to extract the most out of any intercepted target communications:

- Weak signals or interference? Our modules include, automatically-selected, matched filters designed by an engineer that has worked on NASA Deep Space communications filters. Imagine what they can do for your SIGINT effort!

- Heuristic filters. Built-in and always-available tools like 'FadeFilter' which you can select with one click, enable powerful routines that can extract maximum intelligence in even the poorest of conditions. We even display our confidence in each and every extracted character! Complete transparency and maximum intelligence!

- Extensive parsers. Dozens of parsers are available with a selection of the most appropriate integrated inside each decoder module. They may be run concurrently to explore underlying data to the fullest. Networking protocols? Data transfer protocols? Proprietary status or situational reporting protocols? Network to network bridge protocols? Identification of cryptographic system in use? YES - we have them all!

Take your COMINT - SIGINT effort seriously. 70+ Allied countries do!

To learn more about us, ask questions, receive a quotation or schedule a demonstration, contact us by clinking our logo below.


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