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HF is far from 'Dead'

Over the past decades, we've heard several times that 'HF is dead.'

The reality is that it is far from it. Here is a reality check with data current as of September 2022 - all are waveforms still in actual use:

- There are 1,323 different ASK, MSK, GMSK, OOK and FSK waveforms;

- There are 354 different MFSK waveforms;

- There are 408 active Morse (CW) targets around the world;

- There are 868 different PSK (BPSK - 128QAM) target waveforms;

- There are 604 different mPSK (OFDM) target waveforms with 2-1036 tones;

- There are 151 VFT modems / variants;

- There are 200 speech encipherment systems;

- There are almost 300 different HF radars.

Waveforms designed for FPGAs in modern radios like mPSK (OFDM) and other wider xPSK waveforms are experiencing the most growth. VFT and FSK modems are in rapid decline / disuse.

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