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Krypto500: One decoder - 14 variants supported!

Aside from having nearly 270+ decoders more than ANY other software, there are large differences between us and our 'competition' on a decoder-by-decoder basis.

All of our decoders support ALL known waveforms, presets, variant Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) and variants in coding and error correction schemes as well. It is what SIGINT professionals expect - why use monitoring software to do the SIGINT job?

Our AW448 decoder is a typical example. The decoder supports 14 different variants - different modulations, coding schemes, speeds, shifts and more.

Our 'competitors' have zero solutions to this mode, much less any of its variants. We process the real-world as we find it, not standards, for powerful, unmatched COMINT excellence.

Tired of using hobby or monitoring software for SIGINT and COMINT?

Contact us - we're here to help with systems of any size on any platform.

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