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Krypto500's Analysis Power: signals and bit-level analysis

The latest release of Krypto500 extends its already extensive suite of both signals, spectral and deep, bit-level analytic tools. You're probably aware of our market-leading collection of current and complete decoders, especially since Krypto500 contains over 270+ more decoders than ANY other software!

But our analytic tool collection is just as impressive, or maybe more! Top-level features like automatic tuning, filters that compensate for deep fades and a PLL mode are well-known to our users in 70+ countries. A full-featured spectrum analyzer is also standard and our industry-leading collection of more than 4,000+ precision classifers are instrumental to identifying and characterizing signals in any environment for targeting, exploitation or other actions

The unmatched collection of parsers that can help identify traffic, alphabets, cryptographic systems and more work in tandem with mode-specific parsers, bitstream analyzers, XOR (Exclusive Or / Exclusive Disjunction) and LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register) - all for the sole purpose of maximum content extraction for intelligence.

Bit-level cryptanalytic attack tools include multiple parsers and multiple types of ACF (AutoCorrelation Frequency) analyzers including Cyclic Frequency, Cyclic Time, Dyadic-Walsh, and Sequency Power - and of course a BitACF tool.

So, aside from all of the other new features described in various artcles in our NEWS blog, there are still two more features that were added to this collection of powerful analytic tools in the latest Krypto500 release. Here they are:

- VITA49 input: allows full control of VITA49 source inputs over TCP

- HDLC (High-Level Datalink Control) and an ASCII Verbose mode to aid in burst mode analyses

...and as always, for more information, click on our logo below.


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