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Not all SIGINT / COMINT decoders are created equal...

That's right. Not all 'SIGINT software' is actually made BY and FOR professionals in the fields of SIGINT and COMINT, but our software is.

The differences are large and very relevant and the difference between deriving actionable intelligence or determining nothing, or worse, having misleading results:

- Many modes have clones and variants. Therefore, many of our decoder modules have solutions to ALL KNOWN variants. Consider these examples:

- our DMR decoder automatically solves dozens of real-world variants, not just the standard. It also helps you attack proprietary and new encryption schemes.

- our Pactor module solves ANY variant, not just the standard or a few known modifications. There are targets that change EVERY DAY and we are the only software with a tool to help you keep pace and decode everything, no matter what!

- we have solutions to more than 80 HF calling systems. Our 'competitors' have solutions to approximately 3. It's important to know who's talking, no?


Oh and did we mention we have 170+ more decoders than any other software?

Yes, we make many, many more decoders each year than the entire rest of market - combined - makes. If you don't have our software, there are 170+ target signals and several hundred targets YOU CANNOT DECODE. And, to make things worse, without our software, you fall further and further BEHIND in your capability.

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