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Unrivalled depth of content extraction for SIGINT - COMINT

Aside from having 260+ more decoders, more precision classification, advanced analytics and nodal analysis that is decades ahead of ANY other software, our depth of content extraction is also second to none - and is continuously improved and enhanced!

Many of our decoders contain built-in support for the many variants and clones that exist of certain modes - some are built by 'hard targets' and others built by manufacturers to legitimately support an extended, proprietary feature set. Even simple modes like the CCIR493-4 Selcall have variants - and our decoder AUTOMATICALLY decodes nearly a dozen of them! Our Stanag4285 (Stanag4285) decoder processes numerous variants, too, among them hardware by Aselsan, Atlas, Drumgrange, Invelco, R&S, and more!

On the VHF-UHF side, we AUTOMATICALLY decode over 40 variants of DMR!

These are just small examples. Consider only the widely-used Mil-Std 188-110 serial modem - there are myriad variations of it in use, and many varieties of data transport protocol, cryptographic and other formatting systems in use that enhance connectivity. Again, we have dozens of parsers available concurrently throughout ALL of our decoder modules that allow you maximum intelligence extraction and production!

The tools described in this article exist in NO OTHER SOFTWARE - isn't it time you took your COMINT - SIGINT more seriously?

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