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Using Krypto1000 and Krypto500 in Wideband, Multichannel systems

The Krypto1000 VHF UHF decoding software suite can control a wideband tuner as a front end receiver to 'stare' at a very wide portion of, or ENTIRE spectrum - and then stream unlimited IQ channels to workstations equipped with Krypto500 and Krypto1000 to process many hundreds of HF VHF UHF target modems at once!

As Krypto1000 has no bandwidth or channel number limits except those imposed by the limitations of the hardware, the connection to an SDR or those of the COMINT SIGINT operator, analyst or linguist - you can easily create an enormous COMINT SIGINT capability with a very modest investment.

COMINT Consulting develops advanced COMINT and SIGINT suites for analysis, demodulation, classification, traffic and and nodal analysis, automatic network diagramming, decoding, parsing and radiofingerprinting.

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